Our Mission

At Street to Street our mission is to provide opportunities for at risk youth in the Washington, DC area. We believe that all three of our programs—employment, education, and housing resources — are necessary to provide comprehensive support to hard working youths  become self-supporting adults with stable families.

Who We Are

The Street to Street Directors, Advisors, and Mentors are a diverse group of business leaders, activists, lawyers, doctors, economists, educators, health care professionals, and concerned citizens who are working together to reduce poverty.


Since 2014, Sumner Institute has established and or inspired the creation of three companies:

Waddy Works, LLC (Design/Technology firm)
Loc8me Inc (Internet of things, mapping, security technology corporation)
Gamerbloo (Gaming platform, interactive learning, mobile apps)


The EpicCenter Stories mission is to promote the arts, enhance creative and critical thinking, and improve literacy. The program uses connected personal stories to develop community epics. An epic is a long narrative that tells the story of a group’s past, present, and future. EpicCenter Stories links the epic development process to learning the subjects covered by the core curriculum—language arts, math, science, social science, and the visual and performing arts.


We partner with Mary house, Maranatha Missions Property Management, Habitat for Humanity, and other community based organizations.

Our Partners

What People are Saying..

Summer Institute has been instrumental in my college life. Through them I have achieved two separate internships including studying abroad. The staff and mentoring support has resulted in my CPA candidacy.

D. Medlock

CPA Candidate 2017, KU Graduate

I am the Co-Founder of Waddy Works, LLC. I came to Sumner Institute while it is was in Beta stage. I left and then came back. Since my return in 2015, I’ve established a cooperative housing corporation. Served as it’s first president and installed the first board of directors. Attended a Business Conference in Central America as an SI fellow. Invested in Bitcoin. Became a Tax instructor. Currently accepted and enrolled into Founder Institute (Silicon Valley accelerator program for entrepreneurs and startups). Street To Street’s Sumner Institute, changed my life.

E. Waddy

CEO, Gamerbloo

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