About Street to Street

Why is Street to Street Necessary?

While the poverty level country-wide is 16 percent, it is three to four times higher than that in parts of our cities. The lack of jobs, education and affordable housing has kept generations of families in a cycle of hopelessness. Street To Street directly addresses these problems by creating work for the unemployed, education and training for drop outs and housing consultation for the homeless. Our Board members, volunteers and team leaders work directly with the target population, offering a hand up, not a hand out. The impact of our positive approach is immediate and can last a lifetime.

Street To Street is necessary because we generate a cycle of hope, beginning where it counts most: one person, one family, one street at a time.

The Street to Street directors, advisors, and mentors are a diverse group. They include business leaders, activists, lawyers, doctors, economists, educators, health care professionals, and concerned citizens who are working together to reduce poverty.

 About Street to Street Programs

Our education programs include Epic Publishing, Epic Center Stories, and The Sumner Institute. Epic Publishing offers publishing services to those who cannot find a commercial publisher and to educate the general public on topics that otherwise would not be available. EpicCenter Stories is an educational methods that teaches students through stories. The Sumner Institute provides customized economic and social mentoring for young adult black males in order to maximize their educational progress and increase financial and social stability.

Street to Street is a 501c3 corporation and donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you!

To support our programs, please send donations to:

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